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After an entire month of silence, Gora’s twitter saw a lot of activity on the 30th in the form of Black’s birthday wishes for Kokujouji.

Today is Kokujouji Daikaku’s birthday. I would think that at this moment he feels that he has accomplished everything he had wanted.

Red followed him on the first of October. He mentioned the event on 18 October in Yokohama, tickets sold out, Gora can’t give any details, etc. Now on to the interesting stuff.

Gora hasn’t tweeted anything lately but we can still speak of K in present tense continuous - you could say this is the first time we’ve had such varied developments. We have quite a lot of work because of that, so I think that if you have a little patience it won’t be long until the enjoyable world of K will see all kinds of new progress.
Besides that today is, you know, Glasses Day. It’s also Captain Munakata’s birthday. Happy birthday, Captain!
Since what I’m working on right now is rather heavily focused on Munakata, I am also extremely invested in this. His past has been pretty much decided and some of its details will gradually become clear as well.
Captain Munakata comes from a relatively normal household. K has a lot of characters who’ve lead a tough life but compared to them Munakata has a disappointingly normal family. However, Munakata himself was too good and his ordinary parents were a bit at a loss.   
Munakata was superior to everyone from the very beginning so perhaps his very ordinary parents from his very ordinary family realised that even they could have such an outstanding child. There was some disorientation in the relationship between parents and son but their bond was certainly one of love and affection.
As a child, Munakata definitely didn’t live in luxury but I think his birthday parties were filled with love.
Until he became an adult, he spent both his birthdays and those of his family members in a warm atmosphere, together with his parents and older brother (there’s an older brother too), where everyone welcomed the day with homemade preparations.
Munakata is an extremely versatile character and his extremely normal background represents another one of his aspects. Having said that, happy birthday again, our Captain!

Silver Trio
Silver Trio

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